About Us

We are the Swartz Creek Church of the Nazarene! The shortest description of who we are can be found in our name: we belong to a global body of churches organized under a unifying structure called The Church of the Nazarene. More particular details of this arrangement can be found at our denominational website, http://nazarene.org/. However, we are also the particular local congregation of this greater body of Christ as it is found in Swartz Creek MI.

This means two things: that we are a people who “seek the peace and prosperity of the community to which we have been exiled” (Jeremiah 29:7), with our particular community being the City of Swartz Creek, surrounding townships, and the greater Genesee County area, while also realizing that our core citizenship is not found in these or any localized geo-political boundary, but rather in the global and eternal “Body of Christ” as it is wonderfully, even if imperfectly, represented in our church structure.

When you walk into any given Nazarene Church, you can reasonably expect to find teachings and practices, however various, that reflect in some way our shared agreement of belief as found here: http://nazarene.org/article/recognizing-our-shared-beliefs. Basically it says we believe in the triune God of Christianity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), the trustworthiness of the Bible to reveal God to us, the fallen-ness of humanity, our need for a savior, God’s saving action in the person of Christ Jesus, the ability of the Holy Spirit to make us holy even on this side of the veil, and the full return of Christ to complete the task of redemption and judgement with eternal consequences.

The Swartz Creek Church of the Nazarene has been around since the early 1930’s and has been at our current address on Morrish Road since the 60’s. We are committed to the task of worship and we are also a church that loves to fellowship with each other. From these deep roots we are also able to grow wild branches. We love our partnerships with Forge Garage, Little Lambs, and Carraige Town. Since we are deeply aware of our need for God and each other, we desire to be a church that is always growing in our love for God and love for others – and you are welcome to join us in this journey!