We believe that all our work is but “clanging gongs and clashing cymbals” if it is not rooted in the extravagant love of God. This love of God is most directly expressed in our ministry to our neighbors. We encourage you to view your life circumstances (job, retirement, schooling, daily errands, etc.) as opportunities to do the work of God’s redemption in the world around us. We also encourage you to join ways in which we do this work in our church! Here’s some groups that do ministry in the church and links to community organizations that we support with volunteers and finances.

NMINazarene Missions International is the missions branch of the Church of the Nazarene. Our local church NMI president, Barb Hatfield, coordinates missions themed events, and we also support our district NMI and global NMI groups that coordinate the missionary efforts of the Church of the Nazarene.

NYI: Nazarene Youth International  is the youth branch of the of the Church of the Nazarene. It exists as well at the local, district, and global level. Ryan and Andrea Kendall lead our local church youth group, Impact Youth. They meet for a Sunday School hour on Sundays at 9:45.. 

Our Choir sings fairly regularly for Sunday morning worship and also produces two cantatas a year, one for Easter and one for Christmas. It is a real treat and a lot of fun to participate in, so please see our director, Lynn Spencer, for more information on how to join!

Children: We offer Sunday School at 9:45 and Children’s Church at 11:00 for our children here. On Sunday morning our children start with the adults in the service and after the singing and while the ushers are coming forward to collect our tithes and offerings, the children are dismissed to our children’s area for a lesson and a craft.

Our youth and children’s workers are all documented as receiving Nazarene Safe training in addition to being interviewed and monitored by our Sunday School board. It is our priority that your children have a safe place to have fun and learn about Jesus. For more information about Nazarene Safe, visit

Community Partnerships:

Some of the greatest work a church can do is when we step in to help established ministries that are already doing a powerful work in our neighborhoods! Here’s a couple of our favorites that we participate in already:

Project Alpha: We are honored to be humanitarian parole sponsors and ardent supporters of the work that Project Alpha is doing in Afghanistan. Learn more about the work and how you might help at

Forge Garage: Are you mechanically inclined? Or do you simply like the smell of an auto shop? Want to help put Flint back on the road? Perhaps you could consider volunteering at Forge Garage. The garage is a part of Forge Flint, a brilliant Christian community development organization and registered Nazarene Compassionate Ministry. Learn more about the organization and how to volunteer here.

Little Lambs is also a Nazarene Compassionate Ministry located next to West Flint Church of the Nazarene on Dye Road. This is a terrific organization that we are proud to support. More info can be found here.

Carriage Town Ministry is another Flint based ministry that we are excited to be partnered with. More info on Carriage Town can be found here.