What to Expect

We take our worship here seriously. Not a “sit still and behave” seriously, but rather seriously in recognition that we are in the presence of God. And since God already knows the state and desires of our hearts, we are a true “come as you are” church. You will find a wide range of dress here with several folks taking hold of the opportunity to dress up while several others come wearing jeans and t-shirts. Whether you come in a suit or dress, or whether you come in shorts and flip-flops, you’ll find someone else dressed like you. Like the apparel, some people are more stoic while others like the opportunity to fellowship. We believe God is present in all of it, and like God,  we’re just happy for you to come.

Our services are meant to reflect the spirit of the early church as evidenced in Acts 2:42, “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” We believe the task of worship is not found in watching a show but rather found in participating in these elements. Therefore, we seek to have our worship structured and presented in a way that encourages as much communal participation as possible. We try to be as instructive as possible, but even if you get lost we encourage you to hang on and participate with us!

We’ll admit that our services reflect more of our Anglican roots than many of our sister Nazarene churches, but we very much still embrace the warm-hearted spirit of our revivalist tradition. Though our form of our worship is informed and guided by the great tradition of the Church, our style is much more laid back. We usually sing a folksy style of songs, both modern and traditional, with some Sundays sprinkled in where we are blessed to be led by our choir in turn-of-the-century revivalist hymns. Whatever the genre, we find the deepest joy comes from having space to encounter the sacred while being ourselves; bearing our unvarnished souls before the Lord. 

While our laid-back style is typical, there are a couple of particular high-holy days throughout the year that give cause for higher liturgy. Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, Easter, and Pentecost are all particular holidays that we honor with vestments and more formal liturgies. While the imagery for these services is more grand than typical, the goal is still the same: come before God with unvarnished souls to receive His Grace, Peace, and Salvation.

Will you come find grace and peace for your souls with us?